Beginner Surf Craft Addition - MacSki Phoenix

Surfing specific paddling crafts (excluding SUPs) are relatively expensive, both the composite surf kayaks and custom waveskis. The lack of affordable, production crafts has hindered (if not led to diminishing) participation of paddlers in the surfing scene. I’ve been noting (rueing) this for a long time because the lack of participants leads to less available and more expensive equipment for those who do love the surf zone.

Anyway, all to say that I appreciative that Ian Macleod (world class competitive waveskier) has just produced an relatively affordable waveski - the Macski Phoenix - in the US market:

I appreciate this additional option to the more accessible beginner surf crafts that are still in production, like the Colbra Strike (and ReVision), Dagger Kaos, Ackless Waveski (remake of the Perception Five O).



So tempted… A pink surf ride (didn’t know this color is/was available), the little sibling to my Cobra ReVision! For $150 (with a paddle), this is a great paddle surf beginner package.


Will @sing be able to resist?
Bets, anyone?

Yeah, it would much easier bet than the lottery… I find pre-owned surf crafts in the area hard to resist! One, I see some many paddle (and pedal) crafts in the local waters, but very few surf specific. Makes me want to add it to the backyard boat menagerie… Two, I justify the surf crafts by thinking that I want to be able to introduce other paddlers and visitors to the joy of surfing (I used to facilitate the “New England Surf Kayakers” group for that reason). With a “pink boat”, I can reiterate that paddle surfing is not just a sport of gouchy, macho ole dudes. (Says he of the formerly “pink helmet” fame!)


A collector/hoarder of paddle surf crafts.