Beginner Woes

Hello All!

I have a couple questions for everyone. So any help is greatly appreciated.

I have been out stand up paddle boarding twice and have loved it both times. I’d love to continue doing it. I am a larger fellow, 5’10" about 275lbs. So balance has never been one of my strong suits.

Both times I have been out I felt like when I actually could get to my feet it was a constant struggle to maintain balance. It took every bit of my concentration to stay upright. The last time I went out I went with 3 other people that had never done it and they all popped right up on the board and had no trouble with balance. My sister (on her first time out) and commented that I looked like I was constantly wobbling. Is this normal for beginners? Am I just really bad at balance and this should improve with time?

Im also interested in getting my own board. I clearly need something with stability. I have done some reading and understand I need a longer, wider board. I have read many suggestions however, I am on a little bit of a budget. Most of the suggested boards are close to the $1,000 mark and I just can’t spend that on a board. Does anyone have any suggestions for good stable boards closer to the $500 mark? I realize it might not last me forever, but once I get better I will want a better board anyway. I also don’t need a board built for racing or speed. I would just like to cruise and enjoy the scenery.

Thanks ahead of time!

Big board
Sounds like you are simply overwhelming your board. Too much mass for the displacement. Your paddling partners would be just as unstable on a board much too small for them. I think you are not going to find a board big enuf for you in that price range. You’ll need a displacement hull in a 12-6 or 14 by 30, or one of those super wide planing hull boards. Try Craig’s list or SUP forums to find a used board. It’ll take a big thick slab of foam for you to be stable.

Wingsuit is right
You’re weight makes the board more unstable.

Take a look at the Yolo Yak it can handle quite a load and is close to your price range. Not a speedster, but for just cruising around it would work.

Beginner woes
Checkout SUP Zone…they have a lot of advanced SUP paddlers over there that are in your weight range…just search the archives.