Beginner YAK w.cupholders ?

Just spent some time searching the boards for a recommendation but there are lots of noob suggestions and none that I found w.cupholders. They’re looking for:

Two kayaks for an 800acre lake w.boat traffic for leisurely use and maybe as exercise activity. Must have cupholders. One is for him, 5’10 and her 5’2.

AFAIK the yaks w.cupholders tend to be the sporting kind.

Thanks for your suggestions!

do Hobies have cup holders
If I recall they had lots of extras - they weigh too much for me to handle though.

Are you looking for a stable drinking
party platform, or something to paddle? Couldn’t resist. Your moniker didn’t arise from your preference in Italian motorcycles, did it?

It’s Friday and y’r kidding, right? NM

Ducs and libations
I have three Ducatis; something of a sickness I guess.

And no this is not a joke, the cupholder part! :slight_smile: My buddy is not a redneck or yahoo, and is a very serious wakeboarder who wants a 'yak to keep on his patio to throw in for some early morning flatwater exercise and midday float w.a beer or I mean diet soda :slight_smile:

OK - serious question
Is there some reason that you buddy couldn’t just have a couple of beers in the cockpit with him, or in an accessible hatch, and just hold onto the cqn while he is floating and drinking?

Problem is, it’s not easy to put a boat that’ll be a good fitness/distance paddler on an 800 acre lake together with cupholders, unless maybe he wants to go with a SOT that tends to have more in the way of flat surfaces to exploit than a SINK.

Close to addressing that same sickness
with a new 1098S. I’d give my left one for the 1098R I saw w/Termignonis and new ECU installed on the floor at NPR Ducati in Watkinsville, GA while down south last week, but at 40 big ones… guess I’ll settle for the 1098S w/a Termignoni Carbon pipe/filter system and slipper clutch installed.

I believe the Tarpons from Wilderness Systems have your required ‘beverage’ holders as do a lot of sit-on-tops, most sit-ins don’t seem to have 'em anymore.

the Oddysey does
Not very useful though.

Hole saw?
If you’re serious, it’d be easy to add a cupholder to any kayak where you weren’t using a skirt. Clamp a board across the front of the cockpit, put a hole and/or a big cup in it, and go.

Marine supply stores often have gimballed cupholders if you want to get fancy.

Get a beer can hat…


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Tell him to get one of these and he can paddle any yak he wants!

Of course, you might want to throw one of these in:

Bunch of wisearsses eh?! Criteria have been refined due to cupholder limitations so that’s no longer important. So now it’s just a ‘what’s a good beg. kayak’ for a lake. I can search the boards for the consensus. Thanks for your replies!

Ocean Kayaks
Ocean kayaks make several Yaks including the Yak and Big Yak that have cup holders…

Boat for a lake - consensus?

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Like the consensus part will be easy to find on these boards...

Seriously again, there was a thread a while back about how to choose a kayak that applies for the general purpose. Just went looking and can't find the thing - will keep trying. One thing it doesn't address, which is beginning to sound like it may be so, is a much more interested husband than wife in paddling. So add the tweak of the wife really needing to not be in a barge that she'd hate the first day it got windy.

Last bit, 800 acres of lake could be a heck of a fetch on a windy day - what lake are we talking about?

Hold out for one
with a built in cigarette lighter.

Peeing in your sponge
is much classier.

Cup holder
the Old Town Loon 138 has a beer holder,AND,I can bring my Coleman Personal 16 Cooler,with 20 ICED Budweisers,for some serious refreshment.And thanks for the idea of pissing in the sponge,life IS good

Dirigo 120 or 140
The Old Town Dirigos have cup holders. They are wide and stable with an open cockpit. Not the fastest kayak out there. But if you really are drinking beer out there, you aren’t really going out for a sprint session, right? Also look at the Wilderness systems Pungo line. I think WS has developed a half skirt/dashboard with a cup holder.

Honestly, for the kind of paddling you are interested in, any Big Box store kayak you find will work. Just sit in it on the shop floor to make sure your ass fits in it nicely.

love my dirigo. one cupholder on the dash and one in the seat between my legs.

Don’t know about a yak with cupholders…

…but I once saw a buffalo with horns.