Beginners in Central Kentucky


My wife and I have just purchased our first kayaks and are looking for good places to begin around Central Kentucky. We live in Lexington and would love to learn about all the great spots in the area, particularly the Kentucky River, Cumberland, Cave Run & Elkhorn. Any inout would be greatly appreciated!!!

Grayson Lake?
How far are you from Grayson? I have paddles there and was impressed by the cliffs.


Lots of places!!
We live in Frankfort and have the KY river in our front yard. Other than flood season, it makes for a great easy paddle.

Lots of little lakes like Herrington near Harrodsburg or Beaver Lake near Lawrenceburg that are fun to explore.

get ahold of these guys, run on the elkhorn and the ky river.they are very nice people and will do anything to get you on the # 502-227-4492

have fun


if in the area shout
i paddle the cumberland big and little south forks …