Beginners Kayak - what is comparable to Dagger Edisto

I have been paddling a Dagger Edisto at our Canoe club and love it. What can i buy that is an equivalent in performance ?

You would have fun with a P&H Virgo MV.

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Maybe just me but the Edisto looks like a precursor to the Dagger Stratos. You would not be making a mistake if you bought a Stratos.


Going by specs, not having paddled an Edisto myself.

Dagger Alchemy (also out of production) and Stratos 14.5 would be the current models from Dagger that mostly closely match the Edisto. The new ones are skeg boats, where the Edisto had a rudder.

Most other 14-15 foot sea kayaks would be pretty similar. Jackson Journey 14, Necky Looksha Sport, Old Town Castine are all some of the ones that could also work (some are out of production, so only available used).

You might also like a Necky Manitou 14 w/skeg if you can find one.