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I’ve just started kayaking and in the past two days I’ve covered over 14 miles in my new Perception Prodgiy 12. I was just interested in what everybody’s favorite on the water snacks are for longer trips and I was wondering if anybody has ever mounted a GPS in their boat and if so what model is best to use on the water. Thanks in advance, Adam.

Good Morning
Mmm… coffee good.

For snacks on long bike or boat trips I like peanut M&Ms and pretzel rods. Sweet in this bag and salty in that bag. I carry a Garmin MAP76 when I’m not going to my local lake. JackL came up with a great way to temporarily mount a GPS to a kayak. Jack, are you up yet?

Most folks seem to start with a very basic GPS and put it in some kind of waterproof bag. Then they graduate to a waterproof, floating model and dispense with the bag.

good morning Rex

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I take Clif bars and dried fruit. One of these days I am going to make some pemmican...gotta get some deer meat and some blueberries and stuff.
I have an inexpensive Garmin Etrex which serves my needs well. It is waterproof (or at least it has been so far) and tells me pretty much everything I need to know. (wish it was an mp3 player too though... :)

congrats abhicks on the distance..good show.


Peanut butter …
… in or on something. You get your fats, you get your proteins, you get your fiber, you get your carbs.

I prefer snack bars
I get a couple of different varieties so I have options.

During cooler weather I bring Snickers bars instead of trail mix snack bars.

A good friend of mine brings Zone Perfect bars - he eats two for lunch.

Yes, was up and off early
to do a 25 mile training paddle in the Minn-4 with Red Cross Randy, Nanci and our oldest daughter and just got back.

we are training for the Adirondack 90 miler.

I think there are 16 boats in our class, and I am picking us for 16th.

Here is a picture of the GPS holder


You glue a piece of velcro to the back of the soft clear plastic case, and then glue the matching piece of it to the face of the high density foam block.

That Prodegy-12 is a great boat for the money.



GPS ?s
Do the eTrex and the GPS Map76 give a visual depiction of the water and shore? If they do, how accurate are they in your experience?

PB & J sandwiches
Start with the little yellow Garmin Etrex,

and later after you have it all mastered, graduate to a Garmin Map-76



Fly with a Garmin
I fly with a Garmin so I know the quality is there and I don’t mind paying a few extra $s if you think the Map76 is worth it.

What do you eat
at 4:47 in the morning or is that coffee time.

You beat me up but I went paddlin’ Hope you did too.

Paddlin’ on


Beanee Weenees

…will make you paddle harder, faster and farther.

Garmin will get you back to the starting point.

Paddlin’ on


Best of Luck
I bet you do better than 16th.

If you aren’t going into tidal creeks

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or offshore, or training for a race, a GPS is a waste of money.Kinda cool but not much practical value.Snacks - carbs in a form that won't bite you back when you are working hard.
Not beanie weanies unless you want to taste them all day. Fruit is good;I also like Quaker Breakfast Bars.

White Cheddar Cheese Puffs
I pack a picknick cooler w/lunch.

Haven’t done snacks, but my preference would be a somewhat new product, Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs. I like them because they are filling yet not heavy for when you get back to paddling. They are about 150 calories for 32 pieces. They taste so good, they are addictive:


Cheese Puffs my greatest weakness
on the East Coast, the primo puffs are made by Utz. I consider it a primary food group.

Clif Bar
I like to keep a Clif Bar or two in my PFD so they’re easily accessible. Usually put in a plastic baggie so I can use it for trash and/or to store half-eaten bar … keeps crumbs out of PFD pocket. For lunch, pack a bagel and some sausage sticks to stow in my day hatch. Include a Capri Sun juice that I’ve frozen overnight in the freezer … helps keep things fresh, usually thawed out or (better yet) a little slushy by the time I take my lunch break. Colder weather, take a thermos with a mixture of hot cider and tea. Cheerios Chex Mix is my favorite “new” snack.

I tested both

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Garmin Map76 and Lowrance H20.

The problem with the Map76 was the map wasn't very detailed at all for the coastal creeks and rivers. You have to purchase their additional mapping software that is expensive.

The Lowrance gets a better reception but isn't as user friendly. You have to scroll through sub menues to access the trails options. There is a learning curve to it.

I didn't have a chance to test the all of the functions on the Map76.

IMO the Lowarance is a better value for both the GPS and maps.

Edit: I can't speak for the longevity of either unit.


This is ridiculously low price. $10 less than the discount price of the iFinder H20 mono screen.

The Expediton C has a high res color screen and is identical to the H20 C except it has a digital compass and barometer. My only concern is the battery life but using the screen saver mode should be adequate. I plan to use Eneloop rechargeables, so just carry two extra batteries for extended trips.

I canceled my H20 mono screen order that was backordered and ordered this one instead.

Swisher Sweets and Gatorade

Before the GPS
For a quick boost on a hot day, I like the electrolyte gel cubes and jelly bean you can get from a lot of sports stores. The caution is that those things make you thirsty, so you’ll go thru more water. The other quick thing that we like are tablets that work like alka-seltzer - drop them into water and they fizz up - which also are electrolyte but without so much sugar.

As to the GPS - I suggest that you equip the boat with float bags and see if you can get back into it yourself after a capsize before you spend a lot of bucks on a GPS. You can get topo maps and printouts from Google Earth and put them into a chart case to be sure of where you are.