belated pics susquehanna trip

Hi all,

I’d promised some pics of the trip on the Susquehanna this summer but have been tied up with other things. These aren’t all and unfortunately I lost the ones for the last half of the trip except at Havre de Grace. SO guess I’ll have to do that part again.


if interested :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help given over the course of the paddle.

Linda M.

Camp Hill Pa

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Also, picture sharing and praising
is most commonly done on the Paddlers Discussion Forum.

i think you may have control issues.

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What, exactly, was non-helpful about my post, as opposed to yours?

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Linda posted these pictures here because several of us contacted her for info about our own upcoming trips on the Susquehanna. Now you two have spoiled it for her by trying to make it something its not.

Here’s a link that works

and the photos are beautiful. Thank you Linda for taking the time to put them where we can see them, and thanks for your help on trip planning. You are a wonderful resource!

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I would like to see Susquehanna pics
too, but your link still says that one must have a Facebook password to reach them. So I guess the “Advice, Suggestions, or General Help” about these pictures is “tough luck.” Facebook your way of saving face?

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Looks like a fun trip
What sections did you paddle? I can see there was some camping involved. I’m not familiar with the river, but I’m always interested in good paddling stories.

(Now that I have a facebook password, maybe I should check to see if my kids have pages - not sure I want to know!)

Can’t we stay on topic? Linda was very nice to share her pictures with us and you guys are turning this thread into a P___ing Contest. Good way to push newbies and occasional posters off the board, guys. If you don’t like the way a thread is positioned then don’t read it, that’ll show 'em, eh!

Joining Facebook is just another step into the IT world, no big deal, if you don’t want to go there then don’t. You had to join You Tube, right? and you had to join Webshots, right? Oh, by the way, you had to join, right?

Looks Like A Great Trip
You are very fortunate to live in Central PA … Tons of great water and tons of great paddlers.

I thought I was on topic
Commented that it looked like a fun trip, and invited her to post more details - what’s wrong with that?

Hi ech…
Your post was spot on and greatly appreciated since it was one of the only adult posts on this thread. You got caught in the crossfire, sorry I did that and I hope you don’t hold it against me. I’m a pretty decent guy but g2d annoys me sometimes. What I should do is take my own advice and stop reading his posts:)

the unfortunate part is that the original poster was very willing to share her story and her pictures and it sort of got trampled. She did a remarkable trip, 444 miles is a long trip for any paddler. Well done!

Thanks for the pictures
I’ve paddled a number of stretches of that great river and it was nice to see some other stretches and see it through somebody else’s eyes (lens).

Momma maple reminds me of some of the islands I camped on in the 30 mile section above Marysville. Where was it?

How’d you feel when you got that last stretch done by the Bay? It’s an amazing feeling when you pass the last bridge and it’s all open in front of you.

How’d you deal with all the dams? THAT sounds like work!

Enjoyed the pics. Thanks.


Be careful on Facebook
I’d love to see your pictures, but I’m glad I decided not to go over there to get at them.

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