Belize ?

We just received a brochure from Slickrock Adventures, and I drooled as I looked through it.

They evidently own their own Island, (Long Caye).

Has any one ever paddled with them, and if so please comment?

Thanks in advance,



I checked them out
on the net also… looks like a paddling heaven eh? And you can dive also there I believe…hmmm, looks like a place that I might go to somewhere down the road…

I got the same
brochure from Slimrock. It looks gorgeous! A friend of mine went there and said it was nice but very primitive. He is not a kayaker, though.


The more primative, the more…
I like it.

I was wondering if there is any way to drive most of the way with our own yaks and gear, and then hook up with them to stay on their Island and do our own thing.



My best experience in Belize was swimming with the sharks (nurse sharks).

Do not take your own kayaks there - be free, go where you want to go and use rental plastic “toy” kayaks.

This is very 3rd world, they would like to rid you of your kayaks in a short time, give a chance.