Bell 16.9 Northwind Royalex Sheer Height Mid Section

Greetings all. I am getting back into canoeing after 30 years out of the water, and just purchased an older Bell Canoe Works Northwind 16’ 6 " canoe. I will be picking it up this weekend and would very much like to be able use my garage for storage using a lift, but I don’t know if the garage door height will accommodate my auto with canoe on the roof rack. I am trying to find the mid section sheer height of the canoe. Does anyone know if there is a site for looking up Bell Canoe Works boats (not the current Northstar site - this is an older Bell boat) Thanks for any information you can provide.

You can use the Northstar info email [] to ask about Bell boats. There are people from the Bell days working there.

Thank you. I will contact them at the address you provided. - Kevin

Thanks, Chipewyan12… I am hoping the older Royalex has a 14 mid or less.

14 inches max