Bell 17' 2" Infinity - Specs.?


I just purchased a Bell Infinity canoe. It’s 17’ 2", composite boat. The canoe is about 10 years old but it’s in “like new” condition. I called Bell to get more specifics of the boat but it sounds like they’re under new ownership and didn’t have access to information on their older designs.

Does anybody out there have an old Bell catalog with specs. on this boat? I’d love to see a copy of it if you do.


Not sure if this will help…

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Here are some specs, not much.

Max beam is 34", waterline 33", sheer heights: 21" bow, 14" mid, 20" stern. 62 lbs.

that’s the same canoe i was looking at last month but decided not to buy it. do a search on this site for infinity…someone here used to own one and gave some feedback on it.

I saw one post and that pertained to boo