Bell Alaskan Canoe

Some kayaking friends just bought a Bell Alaskan. It isn’t on the Bell website and there is only one review.

Is it a new boat? Is it a renamed Northwind? It is a fine looking boat. We’ll find out tomorrow how it paddles.

Not new . . .
It has been around for a few years.

It is a Royalex tripper, similar in some respects to the Dagger Venture 17 or Wenonah Spirit II. I believe it has a bit of flare up front, and is asymmetrical. Like most Bell’s, it is rather efficient for its type.

I only paddled one briefly, but I remember thinking how it would be a fine boat for mostly flatwater with occasional rough spots, but not deep enough for substantial whitewater. I may well be wrong about this perception.


It is on the site . . .
Also, it is on the Bell Web-site.

Finally, I think Cliff Jacobson may have helped design or inspired the design for this one.

So how did it paddle?
Was it fun? Was it heavy?

It is a huge boat. Floyd kept it at 3mph
which is quite a feat for a 17’ barge in the wind.It looks like a good boat for tripping and toting grandkids.

Relativity . . .
Funny that you would call the Alaskan a 17’ barge. Compared to the boats I paddle most (Typically 17’ plastic Prospectors) I thought the Alaskan seemed like a racehorse! I know it isn’t “fast”, but it does seem faster than some of the others in the same category.

Like “best in class fuel mileage” when comparing huge trucks, I suppose.