Bell Alaskan

Would anyone who has paddled the Bell Alaskan please let me know about your experience and your opinion of the boat?


Somewhat thin
I only very briefly paddled an Alaskan. I have much more experience with Prospectors, and the Wenohnah Cascade, which someone else mentioned.

The Alaskan has a much lower sheer line, and lower volume ends than the others. As such, it is a fine “all purpose” boat, but not as good as either of the others in bigger waves or rapids.

Bell Alaskan
Ralph, I have owned my Alaskan for about a year and a half. I’ll agree that it’s not the fastest, but we have taken it on Class 1 streams for fishing and general floating and it does fine on the flat stretches. Also, we took it on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas and ran some solid class 2 with 2 1/2 to 3 foot standing waves, quite a bit of maneuvering, took on a bit of water (no float bags), but the boat handled like a dream. I don’t have experience in the other boats mentioned but I highly recommend this boat. I also would suggest that you talk with your local dealer and see what they suggest and if you can, try and paddle some boats before making a decision. I did buy this boat without paddling it but do not regret the decision. Good luck!