Bell Bucktail fiberglass?

I’m still looking for a solo canoe for myself and/or my 11 year old daughter. I’ve found a Bell Bucktail in fiberglass, new, at a dealer for $600. I’m not familiar with Bell’s fiberglass layup, and can’t find any specs on this boat. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks!

Bell in its day made many canoes
in fiberglass. The layup is excellent. You are looking at a bargain. I have seen mint ones go for a grand.

Its not an exciting boat but practical

Through this thread there are some comparisons

Had a Pair of Bucktails
We bought them used for a bargain. They were both fiberglass, but one had a white inside and one green. Thought that was odd. It was too small for my 6’2" 260lbs, but worked well for my wife. She sold hers when we got her a Wenonah Vagabond, and the other sold to a friend for his granddaughter. If only it were 2’ longer, it may have worked better for me. My wife never got a seat that worked well in it back then. Also, she thought the flare made it a bit wide for a sit-on-bottom type boat. If I were buying one for a small person, I’d hang a seat.

As for the layup, the previous owner, us, and subsequent owner all used them on rocky Ozark streams. VERY well made! Here’s a few pics. You can see how the boat sinks with a 260lb load compared with a 130 lb load in the 3rd pic.