Bell Canes

Has anyone had experience with a Bell “River Runner”?

I saw one advertised for sale and I am not familiar with that model.



River Runner
If I remember correctly, that was a solo designed by Cliff J and put out by Bell. If it’s close by, maybe give it a try.

Creek Runner

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The Creek Runner was a Bob Brown design, a straight keeled, 14.5 X 30" hull produced 91-93, 37 units total. It's petty similar to the Mad River Slipper, a basic first generation 15X30" solo tripper done a little shorter, but with minimal tumblehome and rocker.

That lack of rocker and tumblehome did for CreekRunner. It didn't compare favorably with the next generation of solo canoes. When WildFire came on line in 93, selling 48 hulls it's first HALF year of production, we dropped CreekRunner because the public had too. By the time Merlin II, Bell's second generation solo tripper came on line in 98, CreekRunner was long gone.

Outside the Bell line CR compared poorly with BlackHawk's Zephyr and Shadow 14.5, Curtis's LadyBug, Vagabond and Nomad, Dagger's Sojourn and Swift's Osprey.

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Bell River Runner
Thanks Mikey and thanks Charlie.