Bell Canoe Glue-in Footbrace Online????

I am looking to buy a Bell Canoe glue in foot brace but can’t find one online. They are not currently listed on the Bell website and I can’t find a dealer that has any for sale online.

I’m sure there avaialable somewhere out there. Anyone know where I can get one???



Try Joe Moore at
Placid Boatworks.

He has the footpegs and you can buy a small tube of Plexus from Jamestown Distributors.

pegs or telescoping tube?
I think Matt is referring to the canoe-racing-style tube, not the sea-kayak-style pegs.

Adirondack Paddle ‘n’ Pole used to have the tube style; I don’t know their situation now. The dealership in Bolton Landing, NY, also used to stock a lot of Bell accessories; can’t remember their name just now.


if you can find the telescoping tube
you can bolt it to the Plexused footpegs.

Did you find any
I’m looking for the same thing. Emailed Bell and they said they do not have any and don’t know where to get any. Big Help! Please let me know if you ever find one, I would like one as well. Thanks.