Bell Canoe seats?

Shortly after I bought my Bell Rob Roy 15 I graded the seat, a major improvement. The seat is a self contained unit set on a flexible bas and held in place with through hull screws. I have a Phoenix Vaagabond that I’d like to outfit the same way. Does anyone know who made those seats for Bell? And, more importantly, where I can buy a couple?



You “graded” the seat? Explain please.

bell seats
I have a Northwind which has caned seats remarkably like the ones for sale in any good canoe company catalogues. They look like the come from the same supplier. Try Piragus Northwoods in Ely, MN.

Bell seats
Typo alert: the new seat is an upgrade.

It’s not a canoe seat in the conventional sense, but neither is the Rob Roy a conventional canoe. Rather it’s a kayak seat, with back, mounted on a flexible plastic base. The base has a center tunnel that allows bilge water to flow around. The back rest is adjusted by flat straps and tabler buckles. I don’t see anything like it in the buyers’ guides here.

check the websites for
Placid Boat Works and Swift Canoe and Kayak

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Both Placid and Swift have developed their own, proprietary seats. It would be counter-productive to sell them so other manufacturer's hulls could be converted / upgraded/ improved, so they don't make their seats available.

ORC may still have some molded seats from RR 12 and 15 available, and, with no use for them, be willing to sell. Google Bell Canoes.

Aha, I didn’t know ORC still had a stash of Bell stuff… I’ll check it out. Thanx!