Bell Canoe Stickers

In the process of getting duct tape residue and Illinois registration stickers off the “Rescue” Flashfire, the Bell stickers are toast! Since Bell is out of business, is there any place I can get these? Thanks.

If all else fails, and you REALLY want
them, bring some printed material featuring Bell graphics and/or logo to a decent sign shop and have them cut some vinyl for you. A good shop should be able to get close enough for not too high a fee. Shop around, though, prices can vary dramatically.

Bell decals…

Am prefacing my comment; it is “tongue in cheek”.

I agree with the first responder to your question, but if you want to have some fun…get the sign shop to make you a couple of vinyl, bumper sticker sized decals. They’ll say…

Wait for it…


“Dude, it’s a Bell”!


Try Bell
You may still have a chance to get them from Bell. The Bell Store still lists “Bell Canoe Works” stickers in Black and Gold and boat name decals in Gold. As things are sold out they appear to be removed from their web site so someone still might be minding the online store portion of Bell. If they don’t answer the phone try the email to see if they have the model you want. I bought some stuff online well after they were suppose to be out of business.

Bob, you’re something!

Funny Bob, but …
Funny Bob, but I’ve never heard Terry say “Dude.”

Agree first first poster. But try Bell first.

Then bring your graphics materials to the Northfork.


Chill out Vic Dude!

Terry doesn’t have to “say” Dude…

The bumper sticker on his canoe would say it for him.

PM sent to Terry for possible “real” solution; reproduction decals, made by a shop I use locally.

“The Dude abides”!

From The Big Lebowski



P.S. Never bathe with ferrets!

Just buy the company
… then sell the rest of us stickers

That was no ferret
That was a marmot.

Not marmots; you twit…

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Your kinky/ fascination/ fetish with Hoary Marmots is growing tiresome & passe. And put down that half gallon can of Fosters!
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Warning/Beware: Revenue generating speed traps, questionable traffic stops & road blocks on Hwy. 72, and at entrance/exit to river accesses & the campground are a "distinct possibility".

The Dude abides............


For future reference; I am looking for a “beater” Flashfire.


I am coming over to the MWA races this weekend.

And I am going to put a ferret in your sleeping bag in the wee hours.


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The parent company is still in business. It appears that they are selling off what they can from the web store.