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I don’t seem to be able to access the Bell Canoe website. I was wondering if this is simply user error, or if others are having that problem too?

I know they’re no longer producing, so I imagine the website was finally closed. It’s a shame as it was such a great resource for this line of boats, plus it was really nicely put together. One of the better paddle sport sites I’ve visited.

I noticed that too
I would guess that someone at the new incarnation of Bell (is it called Northstar?) finally decided to take the old site down. It was running as a ghost site for several years. I sometimes used the old site as a way of explaining what realistic load ratings for canoes actually look like, along with the draft for various loads. It wasn’t a bad way of estimating load capacity and draft for canoes of similar overall dimensions in cases where the builder supplied no info on load ratings, or where the builder’s ratings are ridiculously high.

Northstar is a different company
owned by Ted Bell.

Bell Canoe works was owned by ORC Industries which is still in business…

Website should have come down long ago

Too bad
I knew the day would come. I kept thinking I should downloaded the web pages since it was nice to be able to quickly look up length, width, rocker, and weight specs when looking at used boats or just for reference. Guess I was too late.


I’ve referenced it a lot in the last
couple years. Too bad it’s gone.

the “wayback machine”

they have tons of old stuff “archived” there - though you may have to have an exact URL to find what you are looking for

Yup - gone. I am lucky to have an actual print version of the old catalog. It was very nicely done. The new site is not finished but it is looking promising.

Bell reborn

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I've seen a couple canoes bearing the trademark Bell Composites at Carl's (The Paddlin' Shop) in Lone Rock WI. There was a Magic and a couple Northstars (16 & 17 if I recall correctly. Northstar the model, not the brand) all in the old Black Gold lay-up. The Magic was a blem and was #001. (I guess it may take a few trial runs for anyone to get "back in the swing"...) But I saw them. This isn't Scotch Mist.

Last week I saw some Northstar brand canoes at Rutabaga and they looked for all the world like Bells to me. Well, there were some minor differences in the shape of the shoulder on the tumble-home... They're listed among the exhibitors at Canoecopia this year. I think Bell is back but under a different name. Bell may have pulled off something that Curtis, Lotus, Blackhawk and others never did. Resurrection is generally an anomaly.

Can't be long before they have a working website up and I'd bet they'll have as good or better a site and catalog as ever. Time will tell.

Don't know about the old Wild and Flash fires, or the Morning Star and Merlin; Or the Mystic. (That was a wonderful fast cruising tandem hull...) A few years ago I had a chance to speak with David Yost and he said then that he still had the mold for the Mystic, but that was years ago. Gives me hope though. These are boats that are just too nice to slip into obscurity.

I’ve been paddlin’
one of Ted’s new Northstar Magics in the Blacklite layup since last fall. Sweet boat that Magic.

I have a new Northstar Magic. Purchased at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis. It is a beautiful fast boat.

The Fire series boats are now
being produced By Colden Canoe. They Bell before ORC took over.

Northstar / Bell
"We’ve got our bearings.

Northstar Canoes has a clear direction. Guided by renowned canoe builder Ted Bell, we’re focused on crafting exceptional canoes for experienced paddlers. But even a novice can paddle one – they’re designed to make you a better canoeist. And before too long, you’ll be discoursing about your appreciation of the elliptical cross-section, soft chines and constant flare."

The Magic is Northstar’s lowest volume
solo (exempting the pack), even though it’s the longest. Interesting.

At 160 lbs, I’m actually within the optimum paddler weight. I don’t think that was the case with the Bell Magic.

I don’t believe…

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the specs have changed for the Magic from Bell to Northstar manufacture.

I don't see any real difference in my Northstar Magic as compared to the Bell Magic but I don't have them side-by-side. If there are indeed differences they are subtle. I did notice the thwarts are positioned differently but that's the only thing I can see changed.

I had mine delivered without the seat installed so I could set it up for kneeling. When installing the seat the tumblehome seemed no different to me in the new boat but I could be wrong. Be interesting to get one of each together for a real look see.

The archivd Bell page…

check who designed the boat
does it say CY or DY?