Bell Canoe Works Back Water?

I have found one…only one for sale. Owner says its fiberglass and 15’ at about 60lbs. I cant find a bit of additional information on it anywhere. No website, specs, review, nothing at all. Anyone know about these?

Call Northstar Canoes and ask for Ted Bell or email… Bell canoe was sold years ago to ORC which stopped making them. The Bells were good canoes in their day and some designs have risen again at Northstar and Colden.
The model you are looking at is a fishing canoe

And I’m certain it is royalex and not fiberglass? I’m always squeamish about sellers that don’t know what material their boat is, sets off “Alarms” in my head.

Yes, Ive seen this a lot where owners think they have a fiberglass and its not. I also think its a fishing canoe and between the two I’m looking at…well this and two, apparently very nice shape mad river explorers 16 in royalex I’m leaning towards one of them.

The Explorers would serve you better for a variety of uses