Bell Canoes on Sierra Trading Post??

As a longtime, happy customer of Sierra Trading Post, I have never seen a mfg. with so many of their products at this site. Normally STP sells kayak 2nd’s or previous model years at substantial discount, but makes me wonder if Bell is shutting down or just selling off inventory. Their dealers can’t be too happy. That said, it may be a great time to grab one, especially with their frequent additional 20% off their lowest price.

Can any of you experienced canoe paddlers recommend a sub $1200. tandem canoe listed? My bro-in-law and sister are interested for river (Class I) and lake use.

Those Prices Are About Right
"Blems" or “Seconds” should be a bit cheaper. Those prices are what I would expect. I picked up a new Bell Angler with factory installed skid plates for $850 (Sierra has it for $914). It had a scuff mark from being moved around in the shop it was in. I’ll put much worse on it before the year is out!

I highly recomend the royalex Northwind for a mix of river and flatwater. Have paddled it on Ozark streams and packed down on the Wisconsin River. Also paddled on some flat water here in MO. It’s a SWEET boat and paddled better than any other royalex canoe I’ve paddled. Plus, one of my favorite charachteristics are the Bell’s tucked-in gunwales. Really nice when your tired, because you’re less likely to bang your knuckles. WW

Bell is selling blems
at STP they had alot of

them from their learning

curve when ORC bought Bell.

Bell canoes at sierra trading post
Ordered Prodigy X, Hull has been patched in 5 places, 2 big dents with creases. Did not accept. I am very disappointed.