Bell EveningStar

Anyone have one? There arent any reviews here. How do you like yours? just saw one today and it was a nice looking boat.

Most Bells are nice looking boats.

Sorry, don’t have one though.

I have and love the Morning Star. Sorry.

check that
I have a Northstar and still love it. Same length, few inches narrow.

Which is it :slight_smile:

Based on owning a Morningstar and having paddled other Bells, it’s probably well-mannered. Personally, I wouldn’t want more beam then the Morningstar – if I wanted more room, I’d go to the Northwind. If I wanted more performance, I’d go with the Northstar. The Eveningstar is probably a nice-handling canoe for folks who want a bit more stability without the disadvantages of a flat bottom.

I’m looking for the MorningAfter.