Bell Flashfire foot brace installed!

Now I’ve got this boat outfitted to please me with the Wenonah aluminum sliding foot brace and Ed’s Cane Bucket Seat hung on Bell kneeling drops.

The foot brace gives the Flashfire (and most other solo canoes) a whole new dimension for usage - additional power and control when sitting - and I prefer sitting most of the time. Paddling the Flashfire while sitting without the foot brace installed was a little squirrely with the seat in the high position for kneeling.

The Cane Bucket Seat is comfortable kneeling or sitting and helps lock the butt in place when sitting and heeling the canoe. I just replaced the original Bell seat with this seat last month, which was a great improvement, but things didn’t really come together until the foot brace was added.

My impression of the Flashfire since I got it back in March was just lukewarm until I tried it today after getting the foot brace installed. Now I like it.

I have now installed the Wenonah aluminum sliding foot brace in four solo canoes that previously didn’t have foot braces and, in my opinion, it improved all of them.

If you prefer to paddle sitting much of the time, or was just appreciate better control and power when you take a break from kneeling, I encourage you to consider adding a foot brace for added power control.

Cool beans, man…
I’ve recently acquired an RX Odyssey 14 and just installed a set of Yakimas braces in it. Good stuff but I think I’m going to have Pat put together one of his uber sweet CF Onno foot bars together for this little canoe and really maximise those Yakima rails… I’ve got them in a couple kayaks and love 'em.

I definitely plan to do one of Ed’s seats, too. Heard nothing but good stuff on ‘em. Believe I’ll do the bucket for all the reasons you’ve highlighted. May have to make my own drops but no biggie. I’m pretty much a 50/50 kneeler and sitter.

Thanks for the post and glad to hear your boat is workin’ for ya so nicely now.

Pleasant waters to ya.

whatever floats your boat
To me if you’re needing footpegs in a Flashfire you’ve probably got either wrong boat or the wrong technique for the boat.

On the other hand, if you really feel it’s your magic potion, more power.

If I’m not kneeling I love a footbrace
… especially with a canted seat. Not being much of a bilge gymnast, I’ll take at least three solid points of contact.

Sitting in a Flashfire…

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I'd agree with the notion of the Flashfire being a curious choice for sitting: designs like the Bell Magic and Placid Rapidfire strike me as far superior for anywhere we might be prepared to sit. That said, when out in our Flashfire, I switch between sitting and kneeling as conditions dictate.

When sitting, I've tended to improvise foot-pegs with airbags and kit... or to brace against the front thwart... but I've considered gluing in minicell-foam footpegs. I've certainly missed all such options when I've been caught out (e.g. when I've switched the regular thwart for my more forward-positioned sailing thwart, which also traps my 48" front airbag too far forward for me to use it for bracing).

I Say Po-TA-To, You Say Po-Tah-TO
I prefer to kneel, my wife prefers to sit. She has a Flashfire in which she SITS with feet on FOOTBRACE that I installed for her. She loves the boat and handles it very well. It’s a perfect boat for her to tool around on day trips on Ozark Streams.

I think you’ll be very pleased with the footbrace, Dave. Margaret likes hers in her Flash.


Whatever Dave…

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I don't have footpegs in my Flashfire; I rarely sit in it, preferring to kneel.
The only canoes I have ever used footpegs in are my whitewater solos.

If footpegs work for you Dave; go for it!
It is "your" boat.
My wife has footpegs in her Wenonah Vagabond & loves them.

It's my soap,and my body; I'll wash it as fast as I want too.


I lowered the back of the seat about 1" and the boat feels more comfortable and stable both sitting and kneeling. The Ed’s contoured bucke seat has built in chanting, so a canted drop isn’t required.