Bell Flashfire owners

I was having a hard time posting this on the classifieds (wouldn’t let me go to step three??? )so I’ll do it here. I am looking for a used Flashfire to test paddle I live in metro atlanta and would love an opportunity to try on of these babies out since Bell no longer has the hulls or the rights to this fine boat. Driving up north to placidboat works just isn’t going to happen anytime soon Also looking to unload my beloved kevlite Merlin II for trade perhaps?

If any fellow paddlers could help it would be appreciated.




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Hi T,

I'm up in Canton and have a Flashfire in WhiteGold. Be glad to let you try it- not interested in selling it, though.

Contact me offlist and we'll set something up.

Pete in Atlanta

Edit: Is that the Merlin from Paddler's Paradise?

That’s the problem everyone likes the flashfire so much they don’t want to part with them…I’ll send you an e-mail.



Merlin II

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Yes that is the Merlin from Paddlers paradise..damn shame they closed shop they were very accomadating when it came to aquiring that canoe. I love my Merlin and have put in many hours but for someone who is about a buck 45 it seems to be a little too much canoe for me.