Bell hull IDs

Does anyone know what the letters “LT” at the end of a Bell hull ID mean? I believe that blems get a “B” at the end of the number.


Lightning Tech…I believe

hull ids
LT does stand for Lightning Tech - a resin coat process that Bell developed in 2004ish. The hull ID or serial number no longer carries the designation, nor are boats labeled “B” on the serial tag anymore. All the hulls are “Lightning Tech”, and all the boats are graded by QC after the serial numbers are already affixed.

Thanks for the replies. Are you sure? My Northwind with the “LT” is BlackGold and I thought Lightning Tech applied only to the KevLight lay-up. And my 2005 Merlin, which was a blem I bought from the factory, has the “B” at the end. Maybe that changed recently.