Bell Kev-Light questions

Bought a 2002 Bell Magic in Kev-Light (sp?) over the weekend. The green color is almost gone. It’s more of a golden Kevlar look with carbon visible. Minimal spider cracking in clear coat. What’s the best way to protect this lay-up against UV rays? More clear coat? A boat bag? Spray paint it?

No point in painting on or spraying on

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more weight. Use 303, or use a wax that has UV absorbing content.

I think Bell expected that layup to have somewhat of a transluscent quality. If what you have is simply UV bleach of green pigment, there should be marked variation over the hull surface.

The Bell website is still up

re care.

Cover the dang thing.

All kevlar does change color with age. There isn’t any carbon in a Kev Lite boat.

All Kevlar and repair
Bell’s tweed is 75% Kevlar 49, 25% Kevlar 29, which is also available in yellow, blue, green and red along with black. K29 is used in fireproof clothing and bulletproof vests. I’s treating does not resinate well, hence the 25% max recommendation from Dupont.

Spider cracks can be carefully ground/chipped open then filled with clear gel and sanded out. The Kev Krystal/ Kev Lite laminates were never as rugged as Black/Gold. Like other manufacturer’s very lightweight wet bagged laminates, they were always missing some material to provide that light weight

Be careful and it’ll last a long time.

Kev layup
It’s in good shape. The color looks more like a Wenonah Kevlar than the greenish Bells I’ve seen. It looks green at angles. I am seeking a darker fiber in the weave. Could that be the K29?