Bell Kneeling Thwart Dimensions

Was hoping somebody could hook me up with the dimensions of the stock Bell kneeling thwart setup (obviously minus width). Looking for width and thickness of the actual thwart, angle and depth of drop for the trusses, truss thickness, hardware, etc. Thanks and praise unto anyone that can help. -v

Can Do
Viator, I’ll get measurments for you this evening. I’ve got a set up ordered from Bell several years ago installed on my royalex Northwind.

That’d be brilliant
Thanks a million mate, I really appreciate it.

No Worries!
Truss thickness 9/16"; Truss length across the top = 4 3/16"; Truss length across the bottom = 3 1/16"; Truss depth (measured perpendicular to and from the upper edge down to a line flush with and parallel to the lower edge) aft depth 1 1/8", fore edge 2"; mounting bolt holes spaced 1.5" on center apart; fore hole is 1 7/16" from forward edge on top of truss; thwart width = 3 1/2"; thwart thickness = 13/16"; bolts = 3" aft, 3 1/2" fore.

Hope this helps.

Kneeling Thwarts
Consider that kneeling thwart drops very by boat and position in the boat. Tandems are deeper than solos; more so at third thwart or seat positions.

One can purchase trusses and kneeling thwarts from Eds Canoe Parts. WHile most hardware stores stock 1/4" staimless carriage bolts in appropriate lengths, lighter, 10-24 machine screws that weaken the rails less may be had from Jamestown.

Thanks mates
Appreciate all the help, that’s perfect info :smiley: