Bell Magic Seat Placement

Could really use some help from any Bell Magic owners out there. Bought a used Bell Magic with a kneeling pedestal several years back and my knees can’t take it anymore. I have the new seat ready to go but unsure how far back from center to put it.
Can anyone give me a measurement from the canoe’s centerline or seam to the front of their seat??

Call Northstar. They probably have the precise position.

They (usually “Dan”) also respond fairly promptly to email inquiries:

I’m sure the company will offer great help.

From the experimentation I did on my canoe I found 8” to the front of the sitting seat behind the centerline was just about perfect for level trim. You then have the option of using any gear you may bring along of splitting it between bow and stern for fine-tuning.

Just went out and measured one on the sales floor. 101 inches from the outside tip of the bow end cap to the front edge of the seat.

Thank you very much everyone for your help! I appreciate it.

8-9 inches back from the center thwart is the standard for solo boats.
I put a solo seat in an OT Canadienne a little further back because I always have a dog in the bow.