Bell Magic

Anybody within say 100 miles of Boston, Ma got a Magic they would be willing to let me paddle for a few hours?

My preference would be to paddle it on a big lake or protected ocean but beggers can’t be choosers.

I’ve got a Swift Osprey I could bring along for reciprosity if that is of interest.



Not Boston,
but if you get down near Atlanta, e-mail me.

Pete in Atlanta

Tommy if you can make it to Raystown

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October 13 through 16th there should be at least one Magic to paddle if not two or three pluss at least thirty other solo canoes, some tandems and even some choice kayaks to try out. There are others from New England that will be making the trip too so you could hitch a ride for some shared gas money....Indy, er I mean N.T.

Hoping to be there
Thanks, I plan to be there.

I’m just itchin’. Got half a mind to drive out to Old Forge and demo one of theirs. Maybe hit up Hemlock while I’m out that way. Trouble is when I drive that far (5+ hrs per Mapquest) it’s hard not to come home with a new toy or three.

I tryin to break the cycle!


Tommy, by all means
Make it to Raystown. There will be my Magic, my Shearwater, Ed’s Merlin II and BLK’s peregrine. This event has become a great chance to test paddle many top of the line boats…occasionaly transactions are also made. NT has it right, at least three NE folks are planning on attending, if you can hold off the urge until then you’ll know fer sure!!


Well Oak Orchard is 40 minutes
from Hemlock. They keep over 1200 boats in stock.

That’s It!
I’m moving upstate.


(think she’ll miss me?)

The test paddle isn’t all it’s cracked
up to be. There are two golden rules of boat buying. First, never buy a boat sight unseen and second never buy a boat you have not paddled.

However, when test paddling a brand new boat I found it very unrealistic. I was more concerned with scratching the boat than anything else.