Bell Morning Star Wanted in central PA

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a used Royalex Bell Morning Star canoe for sale in good used condition. I’m located 25 miles east of State College, PA. The boat can be vinyl or wood trim. I’m willing to travel to pick up Any leads are very welcome. Thanks, Dana


There was one MorningStar for sale in Wisconsin last week. Its gone now.

Sorry to have missed it but then that’s a big drive to Wisconsin.


You might make a short list of
alternatives. Because a MorningStar isn’t very fast, I guess that isn’t what you need. It is a nice pocket tandem, as long as one isn’t in a hurry. Do you care about hull material? You might also watch for one of the other Star boats that’s 16.5’ or less. Not as maneuverable, a bit faster.

If you think it would be useful, give us your range of uses and we’ll help lengthen your list.

Blue Mountain Outfitters
in Marysville, PA had a really pretty one hanging from the rafters last year. It was new, and it was not cheap.


Thanks Peter
I saw that M Star up high at BMO. I wanted it too but they would not budge on the High$$. Yes, it had the pretty wood trim. I would like a used one I think. I did own one of these with vinyl trim, Royalex all outfitted with bags and pads etc… I polled it,soloed it, tandem tripped in Algonquin etc.,etc. I found it to be not slow and seaworthy (had it in the ocean). It was lost through a nasty divorce. I don’t know of other boats like it. The closest I had was a cedar and canvas Chestnut Chum 15 but I didn’t use that in the scratchy creeks hereabouts. Dana

Range of uses…
WW up to class II, solo /tandem, Royalex material, not so deadly heavy, say 15.5’ in length about 31”wide. Some lake/river tripping (Adirondacks/Algonquin. Kind of do most things reasonably well and handle some splashy stuff.

Alternates list welcome.

I have a Kevlar MR Explorer 16’ (not for creeks here)

Royalex OT Penobscot 16’ and some solos

Dana in central PA

One friend, not a large guy, used to
solo a Royalex MR Explorer 16 on technical and heavy stuff like Chauga Gorge and Chattooga 4. He’s in kayak now, and he would admit that for milder solo use, the Explorer was too much hull.

Another friend won two successive Nantahala Downriver Cruising Class events in a Penobscot 16. He didn’t consider it a very agile boat, but he knew the river very well and new how to put the boat where it needed to go.

I wonder how much you’ve been able to use the Penobscot for your anticipated use of the Morningstar. I would expect a bit more agility in the Morningstar, but not enough to write home about.

Strange options you could consider for amusement: the Millbrook AC/DC and Coho. The AC/DC is narrow enough to solo and both agile and easy paddling, having been developed by John Berry for the combined slalom/downriver on the Nantahala and elsewhere. The Coho is somewhat specialized for poling, but is a nice general purpose design. The smaller Souhegan would be nice for solo, a bit small for tandem.

Some experience with this
I did own a Morningstar which I set up for solo with a single seat and paddled it for a couple of years. I sold the boat mostly because it was a bit heavy for my old bones to load and carry and I did think it was a bit slow. Before I sold it I put the two original seats back in in addition to the solo seat. My wife and I paddled it a few times and I found I liked it better as a tandem.

I replaced it with a Millbrook Souhegan which is lighter and more nimble than the Morningstar. I like it better as a solo. I agree with the previuos poster that it is a bit small for tandem.

At one time I also owned a Blue Hole Prowler which was probably the best boat I’ve had when it comes to paddling either solo or tandem in the same hull. It was also heavy.


I don’t remember the Prowler.
Wasn’t a version of the OCA, was it? I never owned an OCA but I paddled them solo and tandem on occasion. Flat bottomed, low rocker, but light enough on the water to maneuver.

Their Royalex Sunburst was smaller than Steve Scarbourough’s stripper original, small enough that it was wet for a tandem. The Starburst was similar but a bit large for a solo.

Blue Hole Prowler

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I've come to this sport late in life so I lack the historical perspective that some have. Other threads here have suggested that the Blue Hole Prowler and the OCA were one and the same. It was flat bottomed and did oil can a bit.

We're getting a bit off topic here and have, so far, failed to find a Morningstar for the OP.


posting in the want ads?
Have you consider posting in the “canoe wanted” section of the classifieds here on It doesn’t cost anything and might increase your odds of finding one a little bit.

bell canoe
HI Dana,

I have a Bell Morningstar Canoe that I have decided to sell. We have had it for about 7 years so it is an original Bell. I believe it is the royalex or whatever they called it then. It is a Kevlar blend, a cream color with aluminum gunwales and wood/cane seats. I’m starting to research as I have no idea what it is worth. I seem to remember it cost about $2200?

We used it about a dozen times. It has been hanging up in storage and will clean it up and take pics if you are interested.

Our area code is 20194 - suburb of D.C

Bell canoe
HI Dana,

I was mistaken. My canoe must be the kevlight. Definitely got Kevlar going on. Sorry about that

I do have an 1987 Blue Hole Sunburst
Which I have for sale in the classified for a low priced to move $ Good condition too. It is a great WW boat but I’m looking for the Morning Star or Alternative for solo/tandem general use.

Thanks for replys

Bell M. Star
Thanks for all the help and especially Steve G. in NY who found a new old stock Morning Star that I bought for a good$ today. Dana