Bell Morningstar question....

I see that the current boat lottery on pnet features the Bell Morningstar, which the company website says is usable as a tandem or solo. I presume the solo use would be by sitting “backwards” on the bow seat, but the picture shows a thwart which would be in the way.

Do they mean it’s a solo IF you buy the optional center seat, or am I missing something?


– Last Updated: Feb-16-06 2:58 PM EST –

I solo my Morningstar "Canadian" style, kneeling on one side with one gunwale low. It's very happy up on edge like that. I replaced the aft thwart with a kneeling thwart(A Bell factory option).

It's an asymetric hull, so it wouldn't handle as designed paddled backwards from the bow seat.

Given the beam, it'd be a long reach to the water from a center seat.