Bell Morningstar Question

I’m looking to purchase a canoe and have come across a Bell Morningstar that is in great condition, to the point it looks like new old stock. I believe the canoe is from 98, making it 20 yrs old, can a canoe like that actually fetch near $1800’s? Seems high but it also seems canoes do hold their value well.

I like the Morningstar as it seems to fit my needs but at that price I could easily get a newer Wenonah Aurora or Spirit II which also seems to fit my needs.

I am a first time buyer and just looking for some advice. Thanks.

I have several 20-year old boats that paddle like the day they were made - including a Spirit II in Kevlar. If stored inside and not abused, boats will last a long time. I spent $1,000 on a 20-year old whitegold Wildfire, and it was worth every penny. Is that Morningstar worth $1,800? Depends what it is made of, what condition it is in, but most importantly, how bad you want it and and how willing the seller is to negotiate. Seems high to me, but I don’t need a small tandem.

I bought a “used” Morningstar a year ago. Love it. An older couple had bought it, used it a couple times and then stored it in their garage. I paid $1100, for royalex in like new condition, two fox works microlight bent shaft paddles, a plastic paddle, 2 life jackets, dry bag and NRS straps. I didn’t know much about canoes at the time, but looking back I got a steal!