Bell Morningstar white gold

Does anyone know the weight of a carbon fiber morningstar with alum. trim.


White gold? Or black gold?
You mention a layup with carbon fiber, which would be a Black Gold boat.

Virtually if not all White Gold boats were color gel coated. Some Black Gold boats were color gel coated.

If you see a carbon fiber outer, you have a Black Gold boat. If it has a color gel coat, it may be harder to tell. Weights between color gel coats in Black Gold and White Gold weren’t as extreme as you might think. Might be a question of looking at the football, as both would have either a solid kev 49 or tweed interior, depending on the year. Hopefully CEW will chime in with his wisdom.

Bell Morningstar
Warranty info says 2003 white gold gel coat.


mornignstar weight
my 2005 mornigstar kevlar and gel coat is 54lbs