Bell Northshore 20'6"

We had seen the Bell blerb about the Northshore and are more than mildly interested. I was talking to a BWCA outfitter recently that told me about Bell’s sell out and the concernes he had. He suggested that if I were going to get one I should try to do it ASAP. Has anyone seen/handled this canoe? Does anyone know where one might be available? I called Bell the other day and got a receptionist who wouldn’t know a canoe from a kayak, which didn’t help my confidence level. I am going to try to call them again today while I have more time and try to get hold of someone who knows what they are talking about. If anyone knows anything about this canoe I would appreciate your help.



Got one
in blackgold and it is sweet but I’m sure I’m biased. I’d be happy to get ya photos. It’s a NWOODS with 2 ft added in the middle. The perfect solo boat to haul the party is what I’m using it for!

In terms of the change in production…all ya gotta do is take a good look at the boat when it is delivered and you should be able to tell quality. Some of the biggest challenges ($/administration) Bell faced may get a nice infusion w/ ORC and Dave Kruger. Only if we could look inside Royalex and make Spartec build it like they used to.