Bell Northstar cruising speed


I would like to hear how fast cruising speed it is possible to maintain all day long with Bell Northstar.

I have test paddled Wenonah Escapade with bentshaft paddles I was able to maintain 7km/h cruising speed with Escapade as tandem.

My guess is that Northstar’s cruising speed would be something like 6,5 - 6,7km/h. But that is just guess.



P.S. I’m looking for pocket tripper for lake paddling. I was pleased the speed of Escapade but seats are quite low and I didn’t like it’s seating comfort.


– Last Updated: Jul-23-10 2:58 PM EST –

Both hulls are 16.5 feet, long, and have similar layout, so maybe 16 ft at waterline. NS is 31" wide,Escapade 30 ". The S/L number for both is 2.25 for metric,1.55 for English measure, so max forward will be the same, i.e. 6.2 mph, 10 kph, cruising maybe .7 of that, so 4.3 mph, 7kph.

Escapades slight narrower center may improve forward efficiency, but so does NorthStar's rocker and narrower paddling stations?

Another consideration might be that while Wenonah's cored Kevlar is equivalent to Bell's cored Kevlar laminate, Wenonah has no option approaching the build quality of Bell's Black/Gold.