Bell/Northstar Northwind 16 Advice

Hello all. I’m looking at this ‘02 Northwind 16 in Royalex and looking to get some advice on the price. She is asking $500. Wood trim and aftermarket looking seats along with solo seat installed. I know to look for cold cracks and anything discolored that indicates the foam layer showing, but is there anything else to look for when I see it? Should I run towards it or away from it? Also if anyone could confirm that it’s around 65# that would be great! Thanks in advance!

Personally I would want to change those seats so assuming the seat hangers are a standard size (spacing between the bolts), and the apparently unattached thwart is not pulled through the gunnel I think it’s worth it. Hull appears to be in good shape. Only caveat is that it should not have been stored outdoors in the sun with no cover…doesn’t appear as though it has as color appears unfaded.
Price is good for an in shape royalex and the hull is a great design.

Buy it.
I recently sold my Northwind with vinyl gunwales for $800.

Bell catalog says 60 lbs but think that was alum or vinyl gunnels. Probably add 3-5 lbs for wood trim

I’d say buy it if you can manage the weight. The aftermarket seats and center seat may add a few pounds. It looks like a bargain.

It looks pretty nice to me if it is the size you want. I think the outside of the hull will polish right up with a little elbow grease.

The one thwart is hanging and it likely came with a carry yoke in the center location and someone took it out to add the seat. I always wonder but don’t know for sure if a hanging seat offers the same support as a yoke or thwart would. Seats can add some weight for sure and I was surprised when I took out my wood yoke and adding back in aluminum thwarts the weight difference.

The weight is of little consequence on the water but may be in getting it on top of your car or carrying it any distance.