Bell Northwind Canoe

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Hi. I was hoping someone could help me with their knowledge of the Bell Northwind Canoe. My husband and I were given this canoe but we have no use for it and would like to sell it. It is a beautiful canoe but my husband mainly uses his kayak. Can any one tell me what price range a canoe like this should sell for? It is in Great used condition. Thanks for any help. Sincerely, Denise

Laminate and Trim
What laminate is it? Bell made, in ascending price order, Colored Gel coat white/Gold canoes that would have an inner kevlar layer, translucent tweed kevlar Kev/Lite canoes, and clear gel Black/Gold canoes showing black carbon on the outside and the same kevlar tweed on the inside.

Secondly, they may have wood or aluminum trim.

So, what do you have?

Trim and Laminate
I’m sorry, I know so little about canoes. Is the laminate the exterior? If it is, it’s an Almond Color. The inside of the canoe looks like Carbon Fiber but it’s not black. It is goldish. It has the aluminum trim and says DY Design on the exterior. I e-mailed Bell today and gave them the serial number off it so that maybe they could tell me more about it. Thanks

OK then,
It’s a White/Gold laminate with Aluminum trim, lowest priced option they made. Depending on condition 650-1200?

Wish’d I knew someone giving away a Northwind… :slight_smile:

Thank You
Thanks for your help CEWilson. Much Appreciated!

I paid 750 for a gently used northwind in royelex. i was very happy with the price. if its in good shape and not that old the lowest i would go is 700$ The BOB would Know what is a good price.