Bell northwind vs. seliga

I am looking for a boat to use on the lower CT river (large boat wakes) and in the smaller rivers that feed off long island sound. All rivers have wind and a decent tides. The Crew will be me the wife and two fast growing kids. Mostly day trips (ADD) and a few over nights a year. I have been paddling for 30+ years. There are a few great boats for sale in the area and i was wondering what might be better given the requirement. The bell Seliga or Northwind both blackgold. thanks for the help.


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The NorthWind is a modern composite design, swede-form, differentially rockered hull, tumblehomed to narrow the paddling stations, done up by one of our best designers, David Yost, at the top of his game.

The Seliga is a copy of a decent, symmetrical, wood and canvas hull, the shape somewhat controlled by the materials. Joe, who lived in Ely, did it up for the YMCA Camp Wijiwagan, also in Ely. He made maybe a hundred of them over yhe years.

I'm surprised there's a question about comparative seakindlyness or handling.

That may be too short for your family

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in the future epecially with trips.

Consider the Northwoods. Its quite nimble for a long boat. We had students doing FreeStyle with one last month. It will turn on a dime if the paddler is up to that.

That both paddlers could cantilever out of the boat attests to the excellent final stability.

I know where you are paddling as I used to live there..those boat wakes are annoying and you need a craft that will give you stability and a sense of stability as you deal with them with family in boat.

I have paddled one of Joe Seligas boats but it was an original by Joe and I dont remember which one it I cannot comment on the other half of your comparison re boat wakes and stability.

That is what i was thiking…
That is what i was thinking - just wanted to make sure i was not missing anything before spend 3K on a canoe.