Bell Northwind?

Hi folks,I came across one of these in fiberglass for sale.The ad says it’s 14’ but I cant find any info about one in this length.Only 16’ and longer.Any help/info about a 14’ version?

Either 16’6" or 17’6"
The Royalex Bell Northwind is 16’6". The composite versions are 17’6".

Northstar canoes (Ted Bell’s new company) now also builds Northwinds in 16’, 17’, 18’ and 20’ lengths.

I found
the stuff on the longer Northwinds.Look’s like I’ll have to try contacting Ted.

The old Bell NorthWind was 17’6" with tumblehome. The new Bell, now NorthStar NorthWind is available in three sizes, nominally named but 16,17, 18 and 20 but measuring 16’6", 17’6", 18’9" and 20’5", all 36" wide, 2.5 bow, 1.5 stern rocker with straight sidewalls.