Bell Phoenix solo ???

Does anyone have any info/experience/opinions on the new Bell Phoenix solo? I assume it would be very similar to a Wildfire/Yellowstone solo. I don’t see David Yost’s name associated with it. I’m imagining being on a twisty clear river in a fun little solo with the warm summer breeze rustling in the lush green trees …

info yes
bit convoluted.

Its should be regarded as a derivative of YS. Ergo it hss nothing to do with Flash or Wild both of those sport symmetrical rocker.


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It's 14.5' long, by 30" wide w/ 26.5" wl, differential shear and rocker, 2.5 in bow, 1.5 stern [rocker], Length/Width ratio of 6.3

Significantly less maneuverable than WildFire, a little wider and shorter than Merlin II; a general purpose solo tripper probably ideal for the rental market.

A Carl Yost design, as the baton is passing. Cqrl's new solo is, maybe, the Merlin III? It's 15.5 ft long by 30" wide, 26.5 wl, 2" bow, 1" stern rocker and Length/ Width ratio of 6.7, so it'll track well, an up-size of all those Yost solo trippers.

Oak Orchard has a supposed picture of the Bell Composites Phoenix, which appears actually to be a picture of a Bell Canoeworks Wildfire.

If the stern profile on that photo is accurate, it is very distinctly different from the Wildfire.

I’ll take CEW’s word for
it. He told me the story over the weekend. Photos on websites mean less.

Stern profile

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That stern profile looks more like the edges of a crudely cropped photo than the shape of of the boat. I'm sure the whole boat is masked to eliminate the background, and it looks like the job ended during someone's coffee break or something.

Carl Yost
is presumably David’s son? I also note that the boat is available in White Gold which is a tough and affordable layup for many of us.

Carl is DY’s son. NM

So much I don’t know.
I love listening to you guys talk about canoes. I especially enjoy listening to Pete talk about canoes around the campfire.

The image title says Bell Wildfire

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Also the bow has the Bell Canoe Works logo.

The stern looks photoshopped.

The specs next to the picture are consistent with CEW's info.