Bell Rob Roy 15

The last significant posts on for the Bell Rob Roy 15 happened back in ‘03. A lot has happenend in the canoe world since then and I’m interested in hearing updates from paddlers who are using the Rob Roy. I’m curious about the new Kev Light layup Bell is using, does it hold up well to normal wear and tear of sandy beaches and rocky landings? There’s no gel coat so the boat is very light, but where do the scratches go? Into the Kevlar? Just curious also about the weight carrying ability of the Rob Roy. For a 15’ canoe Bell is recommending only 280 pounds. Can that be right?



Rob Roy
I have a Bell Rob Roy in a light lay up . It still has gell coat and is light .

I did get a large crack in the coat when the boat went over a rock . It is not

the strongest construction but it does seem to hold up pretty well .The new

seat they offer looks nice . The old seat , a glued in foam pad was the source

of a few complaints . Its a fun canoe/kayak . It might be nice if they offered

a rudder or skeg as it gets difficult in high winds .John