Bell Rockstar in OH

Need a bit of help…Anyone have a Rockstar I could test paddle for about 10 minutes anywhere in Ohio?

Someone had one at MFS
and darned if I can remember who…

Yeah, I can’t remember either
How’s your new fly? Had to miss the event with 90 year old father in hospital for 2 angio’s.

That is not fly as in pants
or bug but is Dragon Fly.

OOH I hate to get her scratched…

so purty. I will take care of that in due time.

Hope your dad is doing well… Maybe Bob M can help with the id of the student.

I will be at the beginning of the little miami river on the 20th. John bryant state park. In the early morning. You could paddle around for a few minutes before I shoved off.

Sent you a private email