Bell Rockstar

You cruel folks

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There was once a logic in naming the Bell Fire and North series.

Fire boats were "hot" river tripper / FreeStyle boats - high performance with lots of rocker.

The North series were all tumblehomed tandem trippers with asymmetrical rocker; maybe the most user friendly set of tandems ever designed, and ideal for North Country trips.

Now, once they started MorningStar, things kinda went South.

RockStar I can't explain, but I've been gone from there for a decade - Rock for river, maybe, but the Star, from either the StarFire or the NorthStar, both much higher performance hulls, does seem kinda inappropriate for a detuned river tripper.

RS seems like a really big guys WildFire, de-tuned for thems as don't paddle much. Whatever.

Still waiting for the "Tailwind"
You know, fer fartin around.

But you’re right, I think Rockfinder would be a poifect name for a beginner WW boat.

not meant to be cruel
but with the onset of old age, the memory goes and we can easily get confused…north south…

The FireWood thing is something thats been joked about for years…

The RockFinder says more about the paddler than the boat…but if I had a RockStar…I would quickly remove Star decal and replace it…with Finder.

Then it would be an excuse for tall tales.

Don’t Look For It In the New C&K
There is a picture in the new 09 Gear issue of Canoe and Kayak that says it’s a Bell Rockstar. The picture shows a TANDEM that looks like a composite Northwind IMHO. Certainly aint your “Rockstar,” Bob! WW

A rose-is-a-rose,…

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...but when sung not all's same,
for, "paddle-paddle" your boat,
goes down not gently in strain,
so the "ROCKSTAR" abhorred,
turns from North for appeal,
with covetous Carolinian
whom puts down a firm heel.

Or perhaps this boat shall head west,
to find new operative meanings,
from one whom kneels midst its gunnels,
with no particular leanings,
one whom straight as an arrow,
oft late will turnaway scarred,
now plainly seen on their hull,

And feathered lightly our paddle,
in hull we find certain places,
that oft will give us new meaning,
when we but pause in those spaces,
and shed concern for those consanants
that r to c now k's off from afar,
thus twice happier, oh how stellar the water,
in your Bell H2_O__STAR


That’s the spirit CWDH! You too, kayakmedic. Best to have a chuckle at some of these minor absurdities.

Its also funny that I really kind of liked the North everything business. I like the boats of course, but also, having spent nearly all my life in South Texas “North” almost always sounds good – cooler, greener, wetter!

I’ll bet if we like how it paddles, the Rockstar will get around and we’ll get past the name.


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Don't you mean "Kayak" magazine?

I know there "used to" be a Canoe & Kayak magazine. What is now "called" Canoe & Kayak magazine
needs a name change in my opinion.



P.S. More about names..... After a little research, I may be more understanding about Bell's Rockstar naming. All the "good" names(NOT) are already being used on kayaks; I ain't making these up........

Beaver, Bliss, Lelani, Ripple, Puffin, Valkyrie, Nanook, Seal, Vampire, Scud, T rex, Fish, Mafia, Squash Tail, Hoss, Lil Joe, Trigger, Mad Dog, Orbit Fish, Sniper, Blowfish,
Red Fred Twin Tip, and Piccolo.

You'd have to be crazy to paddle through hordes of drunken "river dorks", on a saturday afternoon, during the Summer on the Current river, while paddling a Beaver, or a Blowfish.

Hey Bob, as a collector of both …

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...pop and obscure music of many kinds, maybe you know of an old song called "Wet Dream", which is a 4-minute stream of bad puns (is there such a thing as a good pun?), using words with either a nautical or aquatic meaning. It's worth a few chuckles.

Not familiar with that particular tune Eric; will have to do a little reseach. I hesitate to predict what websites I might get connected too, if I do a web search for “wet dream”!

Great name for a new boat from Mad River;

the Mad River Wet Dream.


A co-worker has it on MP3.
Just listened to it again this summer. A relly funny song.

Porn Star
If this canoe turns out to suck it will surely earn this new name!