Bell Rockstar

It goes without saying; the designer/builder can call it any damn thing they want too.

But why Rockstar?

First thing I’d do if I bought one; peel off that sticker.

I’m imagining comments from, or trying to explain that name to drunken “river dorks”. Don’t even want to go there…

Has anyone test paddled one yet?

Anyone bought one?

How about doing a review, if & when you do buy one.

Don’t like the name, but like the looks of the boat.

No dealer close to me has one, or if they do, they are ignoring my emails.


Maybe it shines in rocky rivers?

Point Man
It’s time for you to take point on this Op Bob. Do a service to the paddling world, buy a Rockstar and give the rest of us a detailed review.

I’d say take your SRT, glass in a skeggier stern and you may have a Rockstar. I can’t imagine the Rockstar being any better than the SRT.

Point man …

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Sorry Reggie; point man is not a term I find to be positive, or a position I am remotely interested in filling.
I always associate point man with time spent in the netherworlds of SE Asia. One of those been there/done that/don't wanna do it no more deals.

I think my SRT will be in my stable for the foreseeable future. I enjoy it a lot, especially on long trips when I'm hauling everything but the kitchen sink, which is often.

I might be test paddling a Rockstar in the near future, and may become an owner if it suits me.
Sounds promising for my intended usage; doing fewer days trips, and more multi day trips. An alternative to the taking the SRT when the water levels in the Ozarks drop.
Right now I'm waiting on a dealer to tell me, "I've got one". No dealer has yet.........

The only Rockstar I truly lusted for was Linda Ronstadt in the mid l970s. Her status as a "true" Rockstar is probably questionable; more likely status would be as Popstar.

Geez Louise; I hope Bell doesn't come up with a Popstar model, or a Bell Britney. Heard on the river........."Hey man, that Popstar of yours really has some slutty edges on it"!



Rock Star isn’t a marketing ploy
aimed at 25 year olds. They don’t know what rock is, or what a rock star was. “Just take those old records off the shelf.”

Well, if you consider Bob Seger a Rockstar(I do),

Bob does a very tasty version of Something In The Water, on the new release by Little Feat, titled Little Feat and Friends/Join The Band.

Also notable on the same album:

Oh Atlanta by Little Feat with Chris Robinson

Spanish Moon by Little Feat with Craig Fuller & Vince Gill

Sailin’ Shoes by Little Feat with Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush & Bela Fleck

Fat Man In The Bathtub by Little Feat with Dave Matthews & Sonny Landreth


P.S. I don’t care what Bell calls their new canoe; I just want to paddle one.


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Marketing? Not something they could have come up with on their own. I like the name - it grows on you.

When I first heard the name I thought it was a whitewater boat.


Rock and Roll Will Never Die

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by Danny and the Juniors. Not so sure about the Rockstar

“Honey I am gonna take"
the RockStar out”

Wife: “WHAT? You haven’t taken me out in two years. I want a divorce”

And all the boys there, at the bar
began to sing a long.

Response to my inquiry about test paddling the new Bell canoe.

“It may be a while”.

The only dealer who responded stated, “If we make a special trip to Bell & pick up some canoes, you might get to see one in mid October”.

“If we don’t make a special trip to Bell, it may be November, or later”.

Focus appears to be pushing old stock/leftovers; which makes sense, but not appease my interest in paddling the new one.


P.S. Last night I thought about & dug up an old LP with some “real” Rockstars; they played in a band called Mountain. If you can find it;listen to Leslie West softly strumming his guitar, and crooning softly, Mississippi Queen.

Nantucket Sleighride. NT

That was at…
That was at the bar of the Commodore Hotel if I remember correctly.

Those “dixie chickens” do get around…


Taking the Name Sticker Off
Ha Ha! That is the exact thought that went through my mind, Bob.

I really enjoyed the yellowstone solo I owned and thought at the time “why don’t they make a bigger one?”

If it is as good as it looks, and if I ever get near enough to paddle one, and if Bob gives it the thumbs up, and if I’ve got some money at the time, I might get one and come up with my own name for it.

Have not…

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Have not seen the Bell Rockstar yet.
Have not had an opportunity to paddle one either.
I am still interested in "checking one out".
Waiting on dealer to get one in stock.

If I buy one, and the Rockstar sticker can be removed, it will be removed, most ricky ticky.
Already have source for new sticker, and name idea.


I agree Bob
I just recently posted a response about the “Rockstar” Solo canoe in another section here. My post had more to do with design comparisons of other Solo canoes and the designers; Dave Yost and Dave Kruger. At the end of my post, I also questioned why "Rockstar"for the name of Bell’s newest Solo canoe, because it just seemed rather lame for many of the reasons you stated. Then I came across your post and had to laugh, because I too questioned the logic of the name “Rockstar” for a Solo canoe. I guess great minds think alike. LOL

I have a Yellowstone Solo, which I love, and I plan on purchasing another Bell canoe next spring, most likely a “Rockstar”. As much as I like and admire Bell canoes, I wish they would get away from this “star” naming convention. It reminds me of people who name all their kids with the same first letter, (Perry, Patrick, Penny, Paul, etc.), I just don’t get that.

Well Rob, perhaps…
…with a little paint and creative stencillary action, you might shortcut your way in nouveau nomenclature per calligraphy.

Bumpy ride down the local creek?


Takin’ her out to some channel waters to check the pots? (Mind ya, that “lob” will be a bit of a squeeze shot.)


Trading in the Discovery 158 for her?


Pining for those Zippity-doodah Days of Uncle Remus and Br’er Rabbit?


Or, perhaps you’re paddling with thebob past those annoying river dorks, and wishing to silence their rather lude inquiries you need a little intimidation via the written word (assuming they can read)?


Why, the possibilities are dizzying, n’est pas?


Sometimes I sit.

Sometimes I sit & I think.

Sometimes I sit & I think that the Bell Rockstar may be a figment of my imagination.

I still have not seen one, nor have I heard from a dealer within a reasonable driving distance who has one available to test paddle.

When I do, I’ll make the drive.

I am very happy with my Wildfire & my Flashfire.


And there shall never be a FireWood

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or WoodFire.

My biggest gripe with Bell naming is their overuse of North...Northwoods Northstar Northwind. Might be more...

When will they come out with the RockFinder?