Bell Roy Rob 15 vs Sawyer Loon?

I already have a Sawyer Loon, but am wondering if there are any situations where a fiberlar Rob Roy would be a better choice.

It’s been two years since I’ve paddled a Rob Roy and my recollection is that it’s harder tracking and less maneuverable than the Loon.

I’ve only had the Loon since last summer, but like it’s comfort and handling quite a bit.

Anyone paddled them both in similar conditions within a short time of paddling the other?

BTW, I prefer single blading, rather than double blading in canoes and would using a ZRE bent.

In the last couple weeks, a couple fiberlar Rob Roys have been sold within about a 600 mile round trip of my house, but there was no opportunity to test paddle first and I couldn’t think of a situation where the fiberlar Rob Roy would be a better choice for me than the Loon. They both weigh about 52 lbs.

I can see situations where I might choose a black gold or kev light Rob Roy 15 over the Loon because of the much lighter weight, but can’t think of a situation where the fiberlar Rob Roy would be a better choice - except from a boat storage standpoint, since it’s two feet shorter.

Thanks for any personal comparisons between theese two boats.

Half the story
I’ve never paddled a Loon. I’d love to, but practically no one paddles canoes where I live. I like the Rob Roy a lot as an everyday boat. The Loon is probably faster, and certainly more efficient over distances, especially with the rudder.

They’re different boats for sure. I love my Rob Roy: It’s never let me down. But Verlen Kruger designs are hella-boats.

If it were me, I’d go with both if possible. :slight_smile:

I like what you and Chad19 have done
with your Rob Roys by installing the Wenonah sliding seat. I’d be doing the same mod if I got a Rob Roy.

How did you mount the slider frame in your Rob Roy?


6 ounce cloth
fiberglass and west system

just glassed the frame to the hull. i cut three biaxal (sic?) strips, each about four inches wide. glassed one on each frame at front, middle and rear of the frame. there’s a couple-inch gap between each strip of glass.

i also moved the thwart back about a foot. i never liked bell’s seat location. and with the thwart further back, i mounted the seat to where i could get the most out of trim changes, both fore and aft.

nowadays i’m adding kneeling outfitting and paddling it on bigger waters, offshore in the Gulf. it’s small compared to other oceanic waters, but the rob roy will catch small bumps, and it surfs very well.

come on now, let’s keep it fresh
the rob roy is a sweet canoe. any last words?

:slight_smile: .:…

picture of the full setup?
I’d be interested to see how you merge the Wenonah sit-and-switch seat with a kneeling setup.

– Mark

it’s not real fancy
i’ve got a few more tweaks to do, but i’ll post something soon.