Bell Seliga Anyone?

I ran a question last fall about the Bell Seliga. Has anyone had a chance to try one out? I took it for a test spin in Ely and really liked it - good speed, carrying capacity, and maneuverability, but I had it out in perfect weather. Anybody had it on a river or in big water?

I read an informal review
over on Some folks up at sunsplash tested the Seliga as well as some other Bells. They liked it for the aesthetics, but for performance they enjoyed the Northwind.

Here’s the summary:

Shortly afterwards, a Bell Seliga was unwrapped. With its classic lines, it caught a lot of people’s attention – including mine. Wilderness Mama & Papa decided to put it through its paces.

After finishing with the Seliga, they paddled a Northwoods. Looks like WM was almost as happy with thaI decided to try the Seliga too. I was impressed and was starting to wonder if I should abandon the idea of purchasing a Northwind in favor of the more classic design. It had been a few hours since I’d paddled the Northwind though and, they’d put some ballast in the Seliga so, as quickly as possible after paddling the Seliga, I got back in the 'wind, this time with some ballast. After about 3 paddle strokes, I knew I still wanted a 'wind. Although the Seliga is a tad more appealing to my photographer’s eye, the efficiency of the 'wind caught the attention of the canoeist in me. And, it’s still a very pretty boat.

I know the reviewer from CCBB (NibiMocs). He puts a lot of miles in (though solo) and I would respect his opinion.