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Hi, has anybody paddled a Bell Seliga? We just got back from BWCA. I was going to try out a Bell Northwind, and when none was available, I took out Bell’s new Seliga model. It’s a 17’ canoe with a traditional canoe shape - not unlike a prospector without much rocker. It could hold lots of stuff, tracked great, and was relatively fast. Unfortunately, we only had time to try it out on calm water with little wind. I immediately got a crush on the boat, but am hesitant to fork over that much cash under the limited trial circumstances. Anybody got experience or opinions about this boat? Nice forum - I just found it.

Seliga canoes
If the Bell reproduction is accurate to the original, you might be able to glean some relevant information from the following link about Seliga canoes.

not true to original
It looks like dimensions are the same, but all Joe’s boats are wood and canvas, and he has an external keel on them. Bell’s model is in kevlar composite with no keel - so I don’t know how that translates into handling and performance.

Just an opinion, but if the overall shape of the Bell is the same, I would expect it to handle comparably. The wood canvas canoe would of course be a heavier canoe, I would guess something around 70lbs for a 17 foot w/c canoe, but if you are tripping, then all the gear in the canoe would probably negate that difference to a large degree when paddling. As far as the keel, I would prefer a boat without one, and a 17 footer with a slight rocker should track fine without a keel. Of course the feel of paddling a wood canvas canoe cannot be duplicated in kevlar, but then again the same thing can be said for portaging one also : - )

True Copy? Seems Joe indorses it as
an exact copy.

Go to , scrool down to bottom of page.



I’d get one!
If this is a copy of his w/c boats (which it looks like it may be) then I would definately endorse it! I had the opportunity to paddle one of his boats guiding in the BWCAW for 4 summers and LOVED it!! I had no problems in any condition with stability and have dreamed of owning my own someday… Alas, his waiting list and cost prohibit it. I may have to look into getting a Bell, hmmm…