Bell solo yoke will not fit my yellowsto

Just bought a bell yellowstone. I also stopped at a dealer and bought a bell solo clamp on style yoke. The clamps will not open enough to go over the gunwhales. Any comments other experience with this.

I bought it to use with the yellowstone and a wenonah solitude with wood trim. There is NO WAY it will get large enough to go over the wood.

Probably the bolt size
Call them. They have a bad habit of not sending out bolts long enough. The bolts should be 2 1/2 inches long. I bet your bolts are too short. You can also go to the hardware store to buy some bolts.

Thought that might fix it…
I sent a note to bell on thier web site. I will go by the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some bolts. You would think if you paid $114 for a yoke you would not have to “FIX” it to actually use it!!!

I guess that would be asking to much!!!

Short Bolts on Yoke
The identical thing happened to me when I ordered the yoke for my Yellowstone solo. It took only a few minutes and a few pennies to get some bolts long enough at the local hardware store, but it was frustrating that the yoke was not usable as shipped. Bell is most likely outsourcing the assembly of the yokes to someone who has no idea how they are to be used. I sent Bell an e-mail complaining, but obviously it went unheeded.