bell "Starfire"

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Would anyone happen to know the specs for the old Starfire, I hav'nt had much luck researching it.
was it a bit wider then a merlinII,did it have simular rocker,length,etc. Thanks ..Ed

It’s not remotely
related to the Merlin. The Starfire is a 15’ tandem with a width of about 32-33. It’s the sportiest tandem freestyle canoe on the market. I believe it was 3 or 3.5 inches of rocker. It’s symmetrical, and has fantastic secondary stability.

I can get you the exact measurements from a catalog this evening.


Does Bell Still Make That Hull?
I know they still make the OT Canadienne as a special order, do they do the same with the Starfire? WW

Her she is!!!
L- 15’

Max W - 34"

W @ rails - 30"

3" WL - 30.5"

WL L - 14’9"

L/W - 6.0

Bow - 19"

Miid - 13.5"

Stern - 18

Rocker - 3

Load Range - 250 to 450

Disp 2" 160#

Disp 3" 260#

Disp 4" 370#


Thanks pknoerr!
Hey That looks like a very Interesting hull

I would love to paddle one sometime.but I guess thats not likely to happen, dagnabbit, Ed

Paul - thanks for the specs…I don’t have any old catalogs anymore - or can’t find them.

Ed - the Starfire is a really cool boat and I know of two people in the Ann Arbor area that have them and yes Bell will still make one for you; I think they charge an extra $100 to prep the mold. Come on up and I’ll get you into one.

It’s more of a tandem that works well solo in most situations (downriver or calm water, not upriver or super windy days) yet it’s still quite an efficient tandem that will carry quite a big load. And it’s stable and turns on a dime no matter what.

And as Paul mentioned it’s probaby the top boat for tandem freestyle. It’s a fabulous boat for just playing around solo on a calm pond.

But for cruising solo it won’t touch a hot solo like a Merlin II.

Get both and you’ll be ready no matter what.


No longer

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As I understand it, Bell no longer makes the Starfire even as a special order. You might ask Bell, but I believe they no longer have the moulds. It is a really sweet boat.

StarFire now at