Bell Traveler?

i was skimming through a older canoe camping book and came across a picture of a fella paddling a Bell Taveler. does anyone know about this “ols” bell model? curious if this model can still be special ordered? thanks.

The Traveler was a 15.5 foot Bob Brown design. Never did sell ver well. Was nearly as fast at the original Merlin, but could turn. Suited best ofr paddlers 135-175 pounds. Due to Cliff Jacobson’s ties with Bob… Cliff said the “Traveler is one of the best balances pure solos out there”

The boat was originally the Mississippi River Traveler, and there were three additional versions, Traveler, Traveler II, and Traveler III.

I’ve only paddled one back about 10 years ago… was interesting… but for my tastes it was good that DY got involved with making the new Bell designs.

As to building a new one… I doubt it… You could check, but I doubt Bell has the molds for those Bob Brown boats anymore…


Fast, but tender.
A must kneel boat.

Last nite I was ckecking out a
2003 Bell catalog and the Traveler was listed as a discontinued model and that you could order one for a additional $100 discontinued mold fee…so unles they have dropped it this year , its still available…

I just looked at my copy of the 2003 catalog and I can’t seem to find that… where was it located on a seperate drop sheet? I have the accessory proce list and it doesn’t seem to be there.

I could have missed it though…


Yes it was on a seperate insert sheet…

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also listed were a few other discontinued models, Flashfire and acouple of others...