Bell Warranty

Last Spring I purchased a blackgold Magic in red with wood trim from a shop near Saginaw, MI called Dive and Glide.

The owner called me when the canoe arrived with the bad news: Bell had installed a seat when I had specifically ordered no seat and no holes drilled in the gunwales. I use a kneeling pedestal so don’t need a seat and didn’t want the holes… The owner of Dive and Glide, Bell, and I worked out a deal. I was to drop the Magic off at Dive and Glide this winter once the lakes started to freeze up and Bell would pick up the canoe and re-rail it under warranty.

The owner of Dive and Glide has been fantastic to work with. I dropped the Magic off today at his shop and Bell will be picking it up in about two weeks. So, it looks like the new owner of Bell is taking care of its warranty issues (some folks on this message board were not too sure they would…).

I’ll post again with an update on how the trim looks when I pick it up. I expect good quality (straight grained ash) and quality workmanship.

-just thought I would share.


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